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Top 10 Vape Tricks for Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest to Hardest & How to Guides

by Talha Tanveer on May 01, 2020

Crafting ring via vaping is also an art; it holds the viewer's attention for a while. Vape tricks are common creativity with vape clouds. We can try it by watching too many videos from other platforms but sometimes, without complete knowledge about vaping and its usage to make rings, it will be tough, especially for a newbie. Most people like to purchase vape devices from different vape shops. Here we will provide the coolest vaping tricks from the basic rings and multi-ring tricks to more diverse, eccentric acts of vaping proficiency. 

The Ghost:

It is one of the easiest vaping tricks. It is a simple method to make rings by vapor to blow a big O from your mouth without inhaling to your lungs. Just make your lips like to pronounce O and try to push smoke through the openings. It does not matter whether you make a shapeless ring, but you still need to practice it more and more to become a pro. Make sure to use high-quality vape e-juice from a renowned vape shop in Abu Dhabi to properly make your rings.

The Ghost Vape Tricks

The Dragon:

It is a very easy trick to start making rings here; you have to take a long deep drag from the vapor. Inhale your full mouth first and then exhale it forcefully from your nose and sides of the mouth as well. But keep in mind that the center of your mouth is closed properly. This thing looks like a dragon in a fierce mood.

The Ghost Vape Tricks

The French Inhale:

This trick is not difficult to perform in which you have to inhale vapor and locked in by your tongue. You then gently open the vapor's mouth to come out; as the vapor pushed out from the mouth, start inhaling the vapor from your nose. You will see a reverse flowing waterfall of vapor from your mouth to your nose, and its effective appearance is cool. 

The french Inhale Vape Trick

Mushroom cloud:

You blew out a vapor ring and determined the jumbo of vapor through the center. It would be best if you blew a fairly wide ring, using a “bending Os.” Just following the ring for a second with your hand should be sufficient. When you have a sizable O in an appropriate position, all you have to do is send a small stream through the center. 

The mushroom Vape Trick

 The Tornado:

This vape trick consists of forming a tornado out of vapor. Search out a flat surface and make sure there is nothing on it. It would be best if you also grabbed an empty paper towel roll that it can breathe down the smoke onto the table slowly so that the vapor does not disperse. Inhale vapor as much as you can. Release the vapor onto the table. Isolate your fingers from your other selected fingers and place only these fingers onto the table. Quickly drive your hand up vertically to create the rise and twist of a vapor tornado.

Tronado Vape Trick

The Bull Ring:

The Bull Ring is an aggressive-view trick, but you'll find it easy to do if you can blow O's. Firstly you have to blow a medium-sized ring. Lean into it and inhale the topmost part of the ring through your nostrils. It will look like an awesome bull ring; however, you choose to look at its amazing.

The Bull Rings

The Jellyfish:

The most advanced trick is jellyfish. Here you will have to Inhale a specific amount of vapor to blow two smoke rings. You have to use your hand to push the ring, slow its stride moderately. After that blow the small O push it through the center, try to force these two rings to combine and create a jellyfish shape as they spread out. Now add a little aptitude, lean in, and inhale all that is left behind.

Jelly Fish Vape Trick

The Vape Bend:

In this vape trick, you have to make rings to produce your O but have a cupped hand beside your mouth ready for the key part. As you release your vape ring, follow the vapor with your hand, guiding it slightly in whatever direction you want to move it. This trick is somewhat difficult because you have to be polite while making rings and handle it lightly; otherwise, rings may break.

 The Vape bend Vape tricks

The Triangle:

It is a thought-provoking trick like a vapor ring; instead of making a ring, you will craft a triangle. Blow a vapor ring, and make sure that it must be thick. Take the ring slightly with one hand and use the other hand to softly tap down the ring's boundaries two times like you are rotating a wheel to form a triangle.

Triangle Vape trick

Triple Rings:

You can blow two, three, and more rings at the same time. You start by placing the finger on your mouth. You will come in pulling and pressing down the uppermost lip while allowing a small double split of segments in your mouth. The same principle put on to getting triple rings. It is voluntary that you have your mouth wide open to get the best outcomes.

triple Ring Vape trick


To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that making rings is not a big deal even if you are a newbie; you will learn after practicing it more and more. You have to purchase a good quality pod system from a vape shop UAE called Vapor Space . We possess a wide range of vaping devices and always ready to serve you with high standards. So keep enjoying these tricks wholeheartedly.


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