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Make Your First Time Vaping Experience Memorable and Smooth

by Talha Tanveer on May 01, 2020


Vaping stimulates smoking but inhaling smoke-looking vapor from an electronic cigarette or any vape device. The vaping world is unbelievable, and we cannot wait until you allow yourself to run free to take the whole experience. Vaping is a phenomenon; for better or worse, vaping looks like taking the world by storm. The vape is a technological solution to nicotine and tobacco addiction, where the user can choose to control the nicotine consumption similar to using a patch. 

First-time vaping: 

If you are vaping for the very first time, then you will have to buy a vape kit from Vapor Space UAE. You will also take your favorite vape juice for it. Vaping is not as complicated as you think; you need to be careful. Because it may sometimes lead to destruction means an accident can also occur. But do not worry about that here we are providing you a range of principles that will help you avoid such critical situations.

Vaping Experience

Principles for the best vaping for beginners:

Vapor space provides you with a wide range of principles that will 100% help you start vaping as a beginner. There is no exaggeration by saying that you will make your vaping experience memorable and smooth while following these principles. Very soon, you will act like a pro user.


Spend in first-class E-liquids:

Being a beginner, you have to spend a little extra money on a high-quality e-liquid. You may find cheap e-liquids online, but it may be risky for you. Low-quality e-liquids comprise of impurities, which can make you physically sick and stick to the bed. Vapor Space uses pure, medical-grade nicotine, food-grade ingredients, and has a good reputation among competitors. 


Choose your best taste/flavor:

One of the most exciting and essential parts of vaping is its flavors. We offer you a variety of flavors for vaping. For this, you can visit Vapor Space to choose from different kinds of flavors, including Thai Mango, Lemon Citron, Sweet Potato, American Coffee, Milk Tea, Tropical Fruit Mix, Blue Ice, Fresh Watermelon, Pina Colada, Cubano, and Frozen Peach, and Frozen Lychee, etc. You can even mix and match flavors to create your unique combination. 

E-liquid maintenance:

For beginners, the most important thing is you should shake your e-juices well before every use. Another thing that is to be noted is that you have to keep your e-liquids out of direct sunlight because it can decrease the nicotine levels. You have to breathe for a few 3-4 minutes if your flavor is perfectly fine. Do not let your e-liquid bottles open; it may also be harmful for you. Otherwise, leaving it opens for a long time, like 30- 40 minutes will lose your juice flavor. 

Plastic tank cautions:

Beware beginners! Of those, acidic flavors such as menthols, citrus, and essential oils can wrap in plastic tanks. If you are crazy about these flavors, you have to invest in a high-quality glass to avoid any potential damage. 

Clean you e-tank on regular basis:

It would help if you cleaned your e-tanker at least once a week. It is effortless to do, firstly disassemble your vape, throw the remaining e-liquid, and wash the tank mouthpiece and atomizer too. Then dry it before using it. If you do not keep your e-tank clean regularly, you will probably find it with nasty build-up, leaks, and repulsive flavor.Vaping E-Tanks


Always check battery:

It is a golden tip for all vapor users, especially for the beginners, to regularly check your battery connection. It will help you to ensure that your vape device and battery are running well. Just unscrew the battery, and check for e-juice accumulates on the particular parts where the battery and atomizer connect.


Battery Safety


Very Often, beginners do not realize that coils directly affect your vaping experience. When you start noticing any backlog on your coils or the flavor turns into a burnt and flavor, it is time to change them.

Always keep extra batteries:

While vaping, if your existing battery dies, you will have to wait until you get the other. Be smart to keep an extra set so you can use them efficiently. Keeping extra batteries in your purse or at work is also a good idea to ensure that you always have a consistent backup ready to go.

Have fun and experiment:

While vaping many people give up early because they started with the wrong flavors, they didn't have the proper information about it. Therefore Vapor Space guides you well, so do not give up vaping. Just experience it and feel yourself in the air smoothly.


To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that vaping itself is fun. You have to follow these helpful beginner vaping principles, and you'll become a vaping pro in no time at all. Vaping the world is incredible, and you will enjoy yourself pro vapor until you get the full experience


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