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Is Your Pod System Getting Too Hot?

by Vic V Umeñgan on May 01, 2020

Pod system Getting too hot

The Pod system has overheated one of the rising issues that are increasing and happening to everyone who is fond of vaping. When you vape, the coils attached to the vape become hot. Usually, the temperature gets high from 300 or more. The entire vaper expert even manufacturer always tries to make these specific parts with the insulation not to feel the intensity of heat at a high level. The main symptoms of the hot vape as you feel hotness while touching the device. Then you have to put it down and let it to the normal position as it was before. Here are a few signs by which you will know about it.


  • The first and foremost sign is that if you touch the vape while vaping and feel its hotness.
  • If your pod system stops working, it is also a sign that it got overheated; that’s why it is not working.
The second sign is that your coil is overheating with your battery, so it is dangerous to use it continuously. If your battery exceeds the limit and overspent, it will not perform the function correctly. It is evident that overheated vape disposables can actually be very dangerous and even result in a battery explosion.
vape getting hot


Reasons that Your Pod System is Getting Too Hot:


There are several reasons this may happen to some degree, as simple as leaving your mod in a hot place may cause it to overheat. You may be vaping too much. Series vaping is a common cause of battery problems because it does not get sufficient time to mend during the vaping period.
Another reason for making your device too hot is the standard mechanism because your battery is not correctly put in a specific place. Then the particular part can get overheated too much. It may be interior glitches with pod systems Abu DhabiIf one of the constituents is not at its place, then the device may get overheated. Recharging your battery for a long time can become the main reason for overeating.

Organic tips:


  • If you want to omit your pod system to get overheated, you should have to avoid overcharging your battery.
  • It would be best if you did not leave it outside whenever the weather becomes hot.
  • Make sure to cool down your device before starting vaping.
  • Always keep your vaping devices in cool and dry places.
  • Keep your devices away from sunlight because it may also become the cause of the gear's hotness.
  • Try to check your vaping apparatus within a week that they are functioning correctly.
  • Try to give adequate time to take breaks between vaping sessions. 
  • Do not choose to install a low resistance wire and twisted wire 
  • Stop vaping and place your mod away from flammable substances
  • Remove the battery from the vape tank
Remove Battery from vape



Hotness in specific parts:


Coils: The coils in vape pod devices get hot whenever you vape in Abu Dhabi. The temperature level in the coils starts from 3000 C to the highest level. And the hotness is almost related to coils. You did not give time to cool down; that’s why it gets higher during every vaping period. So the whole vape device gets hot, and you feel it.
Solution: There is only one solution to fix this problem: take 10-15 minutes breaks. Then you will see the issue will be 100% resolved.
The limited flow of e-juiceIt happens if you are having specific types of tank design and consistency of the e-liquid. Although the tanks have insufficient juice to flow, then it can automatically affect the whole system.
Solution: The solution to this issue is if you possess flow control, then you can open it easily. But if concerned with the higher VG percentage, you should switch to a sub-ohm tank and continue using the e-liquid lower portion.

Airflow: While vaping, you should check the wattage and airflow combination. High wattage gets the coil to be very hot. If the airflow is restricted, the vapor will be too hot promptly.

Solution: You have to adjust the airflow to let in more cool air to cool the vapor. If you have a secondary mouthpiece with airflow openings, use it to cool the vapor as well. But remember, you still have the choice of turning down the wattage.


To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that if your vape is getting hot, it’s due to the heat producing coil in your tank, and you can inform this in numerous, unlike ways. If it seems to be coming from your battery, there is a good chance that it’s just heated from the tank warming the pod system's body. But if the actual batteries are hot to hold, you should take precautions and move them somewhere safe as soon as you can.

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