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Does Vape Juice Expire? How Long Does E-Juice Last?

by Talha Tanveer on May 01, 2020

During the last few years, the production of E-liquid Abu Dhabi is on its boom due to its high consumption. Vape e-liquid is a substance that is used in e-cigarettes to get a flavor. If you are a vaping lover and have a great collection of e-juice, you must worry about their expiry dates because it's impossible to vape all the e-juices at a time. Then you are in the right place. This article contains all the answers to your questions. The answer to this question is does vape juice expire? Yes. But eventually, vape juice doesn't have its self-expiry date. Its expiry depends on

It’s ingredients are food and other liquors. 


How Long Does E-Juice Last?


The ingredients of vape juice like nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin base have an average life of 1 to 2years. So the average life of an e juice is two years if the storage is compatible with a sealed vaporizer; otherwise, its ingredients immediately undergo oxidation when exposed to sunlight. Beware of the expired vape juice because of nicotine content hazardous to the containing objects. Sometimes nicotine creates a leakage or whole in the container. 

Vape Juice Color


What would happen if Vape Juice expired?


There are a large number of changes that occur when vape juice expires. This can generally be a striking good sign if you pay attention. Other than looking at the expiration date on the bottle, there are a few tricks someone can use to help decide whether their bottle is expired or not. Using the following information, you should have an easier time finding out if your vape juice has passed! Such as;



Vape juice is made of different contents. When e-juice expires, its components are separated from each other. It will not affect whether you shake it well or want to dissolve it by heart too.



E-juice with nicotine becomes dark as the time passes. If a vape e-liquid starts looking darker or may change into Yellow and brown. It is time to change your juice. 

E-Liquid Vape Abu Dhabi


As the vape e-liquid becomes outdated, you will note that it becomes more consistent than the original one. It is also unpleasant to vape; not only this, it can damage your coils and become the cause of leakage of your tank.




While vaping E-liquid, we compare updated e-liquid taste with outdated or expired form, we felt a massive difference between their flavors. After expiration, its flavor becomes fading and dull. The nicotine constituent goes through oxidation and deviate its taste.


Debase Odor:


We, most of the time, are aware of the odor of vape juice while using it. Even an experienced vapor can also identify that the expired e-liquid, debase odor differs from the original one. Sometimes the smell can warp and change or even disappear. This may not happen the same with each flavor.


Is it weird to vape expired e-Juice?


The expiration date on the vape e-juice is commonly just an endorsement from the producer. Your juice just doesn’t automatically become dangerous the day it expires. That’s not how it works. After ample research, we are not sure about taking the final decision that either it is good to take expired vape liquid or not. But most people like to vape through expired e-juice. 

Expire Vape Juice


How to store Vape juice? 


The best mode to preserve vape Abu Dhabi is to store them in dark, dry, and cool places and keep farther away from toddlers. The dark and cold place is necessary because this increases vape liquids' usable time from 2 to 3 years. The following are some other effective methods to store Vape Juice.


  • Vape e-juice requires being correctly stored in a cold and dark place. 
  • Make unquestionable that it’s all right
  • Take Note of the expiry date
  • Through refrigeration
  • Avoid plastic bottles
  • Make sure your bottle is sealed

If there are children in the home, it is ideal for storing vape juice in a locked box. When there are too much heat and light, the safe food materials inside can expire, keeping it away from heat and too much light. 


Things to be noted:


When you choose an e-liquid, it is essential to decide how much you vape daily. Getting the ultimate amount of e-liquid for vaping each time can make sure that you will always get the fresh flavors. With appropriate packing, the average vape juice can last for two years. By being alert of expiry dates and functioning to store your vape juice well, you can make sure that the e-juice will be of acceptable quality available in vape shop UAE and has the best flavors possible.



Now, you are fully aware of the comprehensive facts and figures about expiration, symptoms, and vape juice. If you have any questions regarding it, then you can contact us at vapor We have been serving our customers with vape e-juices and relevant products via the Vape shop in Abu Dhabi for the last many years. Our experience and proficiency make us gratify and satisfy our customers. Feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.


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