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Difference between Aegis X & Aegis Boost Kit?

by Talha Tanveer on May 01, 2020

Aegis X

The Aegis X is the most recent double 18650 mod from well known vape producer Geek vape. It is evaluated for 220 watts, includes a noteworthy 2.4-inch shading screen, and is fueled by the refreshed AS 2.0 chipset. What's more, equivalent to the remainder of the Aegis line, the X accompanies IP67 affirmation for residue and water-obstruction. 

Geek vape has a demonstrated reputation in mod assembling. The Aegis X arrangement has gotten well known for being rough and solid, and the Nova was one of my preferred mods for 2018. I as of late surveyed the Aegis Squonk, which I saw as outstanding amongst other squonk mods available.

The organization has discreetly gotten one of the top mod creators in vaping, so we should check whether the Aegis X can satisfy the hopes.

Using the Aegis X

To the extent the menu goes, it's the run of the mill Geek vape menu framework, with one distinction. There is a Set submenu that permits you to alter various settings. The menu has an Auto choice that is not clarified on their site or the manual, so I turned it off and left it that way.

There's likewise a Theme setting that trades between the three UI alternatives, a Color setting to change the shade of the UI, Version to check your firmware form, a Reset choice, and one increasingly recorded as AAB with a battery meter close to it. Once more, this one has not clarified anyplace. Here is a fast once-over on the essential activity. 

Aegis X

Five ticks of the fire caught to turn on and off. Three ticks of the fire caught to enter the menu mode. Go through and down to choose the profile and hit fire to acknowledge. Go through and down to look through the modes and fire to acknowledge. Go through and down to change settings in the sub-menu of every mode. Hold fire to acknowledge the mode and its settings. 

Fire + up or down to alter screen brilliance. Up + down to bolt change fastens yet the mod can in any case be terminated. Hold all over while in the menu to get to the Set sub menu. Generally speaking, the menu is anything but difficult to explore, particularly in the event that you've utilized other Geek vape mods before.

However, they do need to make a superior showing clarifying the highlights in their manual, so I'll ding them for that.

Aegis boost kit & Explanation

The Aegis Boost is very Pod/AIO like, making it less difficult to dismantle and change the coils.


Geek vape Aegis Boost likewise incorporates a loop expulsion device to make expelling the coil simpler by turning it out, however, I didn't think that it’s an issue evacuating the loop without it.  The Pod/Cartridge/Tank is anything but difficult to expel by means of a public statement cut which is extremely viable and secure, essentially push and switch up and the unit jumps out, so to focus on the

case segment first: 

Any unit AIO client will be comfortable with the loop fitting which is a press fit. The fundamental development is the removable and interchange mouthpiece which is an incredible expansion, however the wide bore size is actually the equivalent and it would have been ideal to have a limited bore choice yet the 'whistle tip' choice is so damn agreeable I'm content with that.

It is additionally 360 degrees rotatable so you can vape to suit your inclination.  I'm not certain if the retail form has the two alternatives as I have just observed the whistle tip


The Mighty Pod Mod
Aegis Boost Kit

You likewise get a top defensive top, however helpful now and again I haven't tried utilizing mine as being free will undoubtedly loses it. Limit astute, I was fortunate enough to get the 3.7ml rendition which is superb, particularly for DTL on the 0.4 Ohm coil. I strongly suggest changing the 2ml TPD for the 3.7ml one. 

In principle the top filling bung implies you don't need to evacuate the unit to top off, however practically speaking the cartridge is so damn dull it's extremely hard to see your juice and juice level so I wound up expelling the cartridge to fill.

And still, at the end of the day it isn't so natural to see, I thought that it was ideal to top it off tipped over with the mouthpiece down. This is the principle objection of the entire unit, yet it is anything but a major issue using any and all means as I'm utilized to this pitiful reality that numerous Pods/AIO appear to follow


As of now, there are two GV Mesh loops accessible which Geek vape Aegis Boost kit claims are reasonable for MTL and DTL and I need to concede I was exceptionally distrustful that a high wattage 0.6 Ohm work curl would convey a good MTL experience – cheerfully I was end up being incorrectly in my wariness.

This is just the second device of this 'Pod Mod' style. Subsequent to surveying the fabulous Artery Nugget AIO, I previously thought I had discovered the best, Geek Vape Aegis Boost kit have settled on the decision harder as of now. It's very simple to get found the sparkling curiosity factor, the two devices are excellent however the genuine

case and loops influence the situation in the kindness of the Geek Vape Boost and the wind current is likewise better for MTL, yet with regards to DTL, things get tighter. There's not a great deal in it and I would need to flip a coin to choose. I put both to the other side and got my present most loved Pods and AIO and MTL attys, utilized them on the other hand for a couple of hours at that point returned to the Aegis Boost.

Here comes a strong explanation: 

The Aegis Boost kit is the best MTL device I have attempted; this likewise incorporates my preferred RTA's and RDA's.

DTL Wise, its right up there with the best AIO's I own, unquestionably in my best two. 

The Aegis Boost kit is clearly the biggest in the line-up and it's really bigger than a portion of the conventional smaller than normal mod/tanks; it's despite everything pocket amicable and lightweight.

Aegis Boost Kit


The Geek Vape Aegis Boost kit is likely my most loved vape of 2020, a serious wonderful astonishment for me as I appreciate both MTL and DTL and the Aegis Boost kit performs consummately for both creations it a genuine 'Across the board' and will plainly turn into my go-to gadget when I go out. It's as of now my go-to indoor vape.

It’s tough and rough plan is a reward; it's decent not having to painstakingly put it down on grating surfaces to abstain from scratching it. It's likewise modest enough not to treat it vitally. 

Vaping is extremely abstract yet I can't see disliking the vape this device delivers so it will boil down to looks and style for a few, in the event that you don't care for its style, at that point, you will be passing up a sublime flavor giving device.

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by Anupama on June 10, 2020

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