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7 Tips to Avoid Vape Battery Explosions

by Talha Tanveer on May 01, 2020

Tips to help Avoid Vape Battery Explosions

This truth is that every battery out there can explode which is the same case with your vaporizer batteries. Over the past couple of years, there have been a few incidents of individuals sustaining injuries as a result of exploded vaporizer batteries. Since vaping is supposed to be a safe alternative to conventional smoking, such news can be disheartening. But, the truth is that a majority of the reported cases could be avoided if the right measures were in place. As long as you follow the correct safety procedures, this shouldn’t worry you.  The enjoy vaping safely here are some tips to help avoid battery explosions.

7 tips which helps you to avoid explosion of your vape battery

Only Use the Manufacturer Provided Charger

A significant number of cases detailed of vape batteries exploding happen because of the client attempting to accuse the vape of a charger that it isn't perfect with. In this manner, it is basic to guarantee that you stick to the manufacturer’s provided charger and be sure to follow the instructions. Thusly, you will consistently be 100% certain that the battery is perfect with the charger hence reduced the risk of an explosion. That is the reason it's prescribed to just purchase vape supplies from a trusted company.

Dont Charge Your Vape device with mobile charger

Never Charge Your Vaporizer While You Sleep

Exploration shows that over 80% of vape battery explosions happen while the vaporizer is charging. On the off chance that you interface your vape device to charge throughout the night, you risk cheating it which can be risky.  You have to remember that on the off chance that you open your battery to electric flow for longer than should be expected, the most noticeably terrible can occur. The battery can without much of a stretch overheat and even catch fire. This likewise implies you ought to never leave your battery charging unattended.

Store Your Vaping Device Safely and Away from the Sun

Did you realize that when you open your vaping device to the sun, it likewise opens the battery to inordinate warming? Since vaporizers are electric vape devices, they can without much of a stretch be harmed by water and extraordinary warmth. Truth be told, water harm can be the most hazardous since it can cause starts that may prompt a fire. In this manner, ensure that you store your vaporizer in a cool and dry spot away from unnecessary daylight and warmth. At the point when you aren't utilizing it, ensure that you clean it altogether and store it securely.

Vaping Device Safely and Away from the Sun

The Verify Whether the Battery Is of the Right Capacity

One basic thing that you have to recollect is that the battery you use in your vape devices or pods system shouldn't be more impressive than what your vaping devices are intended for. There are various characteristics of batteries out there, and you might be enticed to gain one for your device. Inadequately produced and counterfeit batteries don't proceed just as unique batteries and are more likely to explode. There are loads of online vaping communities, online vape shop, and wholesale vape distributors that share valuable data poor battery security notification, reviews, and what batteries to abstain from purchasing.

Clean You’re Battery

Vaping specialists suggest cleaning your vaporizer battery in any event once consistently. In the event that you can't figure out how to stick to that plan, ensure that you check your battery sometimes to check whether any gunk or dirt has accumulated on its connection point. Use an alcohol wipe or tissue to clean off the dirt gently, if so.

Battery Safety & tips To avoid Explosion


The most ideal approach to secure yourself structure potential vape battery explosions is to learn as much as possible about your vape mod and how to think about and manage your vape batteries. As a matter of first importance consistently ensure you read the vape tasks control that accompanied your vaping devices. On the off chance that you've lost it and need to twofold check just visit your maker's site. Most makers will offer downloadable adaptations of their tasks manuals. Never debilitate worked in well being highlights like terminating locks and consistently ensure your vent openings are not secured. The vent holes are intended to assist discharge with warming from your vape mod so covering them is hazardous. 

In particular, be reasonable and remain inside the safe working scopes of the device set by the producer. In the event that you despite everything have questions or are hoping to study how to stay away from the battery explosion visit our vape battery wellbeing asset library. In the library, you will locate a wide choice of articles, infographics, wellbeing outlines, and instructional recordings intended to give you a far-reaching vape battery security training.

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