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Bo Caps Flavors
BO Caps - Raspberry Wafer
BO Caps - Twisty Mint
BO Caps - Complex Tobacco
BO Caps - Vanilla Ice Cream
BO Pods
BO Pods
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BO Caps - Watermelon Ice
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BO Pods

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BO Pods for both the BO One and BO Plus.
Find 20MG/40MG 3 Packs of Bo Pods Here!!

- Pod has 1.2mL of Liquid.

All pods are covered under our exclusive defective pod guarantee

Each pack comes with one (1) pre-filled BO Pod with one of the following eJuices:

  • Mango Ice An explosion of refreshing fruit flavors that marry the intoxicating and sweet mango with the spice of blackcurrant.
  • Watermelon Ice A potent blackcurrant and watermelon blend that is delicately balanced: a taste full of punch!
  • Fizzy Orange All the refreshing scents of an orange orchard flooded with sunshine, with a bit of Malaysian sparkle.
  • Icy Mint Like taking a breath of fresh air. Instantly invigorates you by delivering the simple, yet intense taste of cool mint from the first pull to the last.
  • Butterscotch Tobacco We paired the dark, rich, sweet toffee flavor with rich, nutty tobacco to create a unique, thoroughly enjoyable flavor.
  • Gumble Recapture that long-lost childhood magic with the classic flavour of chewing gum, minus the bubbles!
  • Gold Tobacco Aromatic, nutty tobacco is infused with the sweet taste of gingerbread and honey to deliver a layered, slighter sweeter taste that lingers.
  • Raspberry Crunch Light, crisp wafers minus the crumbs paired with succulent, ripe raspberries.
  • Liquid Lemon Imagine an ice cold, refreshing pitcher of home-made lemonade on a hot summer day.
  • Vanilla Scream enjoy creamy, rich vanilla bean taste anytime you like, without the guilt.