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                A pod system is also known a pod vape, pod modes. Pod vape is a smaller than usual vape dependent on a two-section system: a pod filled up with a vape juice that snaps into a little battery. They're accessible in pre-filled or refillable structures. Some will have power fastens however frequently they're programmed—which means you simply take a delay them to deliver vapor. Most pod vapes likewise alluded to as vape pods, mini vapes, or pod systems, are intended for smokers changing into vaping. Despite the fact that a definitive in usability is something like a disposable JUUL, refillable pod vapes are most a close second. They're regularly conservative and lightweight, with an emphasis on straightforwardness and adaptability—made conceivable by being refillable. Dispensable e-Pods are additionally viewed as the best nic salt vapes, as their lower power yield is an ideal fit for the higher quality of nicotine salts. Buy pod systems for vapes at vapor space.

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                Pod Systems (20)

                SMOK - RPM Lite Pod Mod Kit

                Dhs. 140.00

                JUUL - Device Kit

                Dhs. 130.00

                Airo Pod Kit (Limited Edition)

                Dhs. 95.00

                PS ONE - PS Innovator Starter Kit

                Dhs. 120.00

                PS ONE - Starter Kit

                Dhs. 160.00

                PS ONE DEVICE ONLY

                Dhs. 120.00

                MYLE Pod Device

                Dhs. 90.00Dhs. 110.00

                JUSTFOG - Minifit Starter Kit

                Dhs. 65.00

                VAPORESSO - Renova Zero Kit

                Dhs. 85.00